A Clinical Approach to Skincare

Eufaula Eye is pleased to welcome Luminary Eyes + Aesthetics to the family. Optometrist, Luminary, and Dry Eye Specialist, Dr. Laura Sage, founded Luminary Eyes + Aesthetics with a dedication to delivering the highest level of care and eye safe beauty solutions. By treating patients for dry eye, she realized that skincare and self-care play a major role in maintaining long-term relief of dry eye symptoms, which led her to having a Licensed Aesthetician on staff in our clinic.

The skin around our eyes is often the first place aging is visible. We take care to address the fine lines, dryness and relaxed elasticity that come with aging, while maintaining the health and integrity of your eyes. We only use eye safe, medical grade products and pair them with specialized treatments such as soothing cold globe massage, Celluma Light Therapy and HydraFacials, and Vi Chemical Peels to give you safe, effective, result oriented outcome.

Our Licensed Aesthetician, Anna Claire Hankins, offers everything you’d find at a traditional med-spa that’s focused on skincare but she’s been specially trained to work around the eye and to be mindful of eye and ocular surface safety. We want to make eye safe beauty approachable and accessible to everyone.